Thousands of years ago, in ancient Egypt, nineteen year old Tutankhamun is about to die. The details of his death will be known only to a few, who will seek to keep the truth a mystery for evermore. Theirs is an injustice that will prevent the Pharaoh from resting in peace and will prove a victory for the forces of chaos.

In the twenty-first century, Charlie Swain is told the location of a secret portal. Through the writing in a mysterious book, he is called to travel through the portal back to ancient Egypt to solve the mystery of the Pharaoh’s death. Succeed, and he will help restore order to the universe. Fail, and the forces of chaos will grow ever stronger.

Along with his three friends, George, Paige and Sheena, Charlie must travel back in time to the land that stands in the shadow of the Sphinx, and discover the truth that has gone unspoken for millennia.

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You can get In the Shadow of the Sphinx (book 1 of The Portal on Crankhall Lane series) here.

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